Monday, June 15, 2009

think of something bad.

Hey guysss! :)

So yesterday we went to Rosie, the name of a property that was cleared for a farm but they are trying to rehabiliate it since animals aren't surviving, they're plants they eat are going extinct and the Orange Bellied Parrot (the bird that is endangered that is one of the main reasons we're here) is consequently dying everyday. there are about a 100 left. SO we as a group planted about 700 plants and guarded them to keep rabbits and such away that would eat them. so now the orange bellied parrots have a place to hide.

On the land there is a couple who has bought an old cottage and are renovating it. They were super nice and very appreciative of what we're doing. they made us afternoon tea. in australia they have morning tea and afternoon tea and evening tea. sometimes dinner is called tea. tea is huge here, which is good for me. because some think i'm an alien for how much tea i drink. so in the afternoon we got to hang out with them a bit. i absolutely love talking to the locals. everything here is so different (not wrong as barry would like to point out) just different. the couple had a vw van. in green. my dream car. it was amazing. got a couple pics by it :) there was also a hammock right by it so i was in heaven.

rach our project leader is great. after lunch we played a couple games of ultimate frisbee and some other random games and she brought over her eukelele (spelling?) and played it. it was lovely haha. i think i may buy one when i get back to the states.

after the day of work we went back to port fairy. i went into town to get post cards for everyone back home. also, i went into this one shop, and i would just like to say my search for the perfect fedora has stopped. i found it. and bought it. only 30 dollars. YAY

last night we had lamb for dinner. i'm pretty sure it was my first time, it was pretty good. it was kind of in a stir fry. then after dinner we had a group discussion with barry which was awesome. i love him. we did the discussin on basically going green and making the decision to change your ways and how the responsibility lies within to change. then he ended with us and how wer'e taking responsibility since we busted our ass to get here. everyone is used to saying "we need to do this..." and "if we want change we all have to..." but no, it's "I..." and then things will start happening. very cool to think about. and thinking about why i'm here is kind of an assignment barry has assigned so we're writing in our journals and giving them to him so he can read our thoughts and give us some feedback. a little educational component here, but one i don't mind.

today we're going seed collecting for a little bit and seeing what past ISV grous have done. I'm really excited about that to see how those plants and stuff have matured. then we're going back to rosie to do some things to get ready for wednesday. on wednesday we're goign to rosie with school kids and helping them and hopefully teaching them some things. also the couple is having a barbque for us :)

everyone update me on your me at

much love!

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