Saturday, June 20, 2009

save st. brigids!

So. Thursday night, after i blogged, we played some drinking games with barry in the dining area. It was quite hillarious. Whenever telling him about drinking games in the states he always tells us how in Australia they take drinking seriously and there are no drinking games here. Well we taught him circle of death and he loved it. And he killed us in it. I ended up having a liquid laugh. Schaller got a little woozy drunky. and Barry is just a tank. So we had a great time with him that night. he makes us laugh so much.

Friday was my least favorite day unfortunately. We went to the golf course, in the morning we planted trees on the side of the road by there for the OBPs and stuff which was fine. Then we had the best morning tea. there was hashbrowns, garlic chicken, and other chicken, and some fish. It was delicious. After morning tea we finished planting and then went up to another part of the golf course and started pulling weeds. that was the start of the downfall haha. i think everyone was really tired and crabby since it was friday and we just wanted a weekend break, and the things that we were doing the second half the day weren't really for the OBPs but more for rehabilitating the golf course, because it thrives off of volunteers. so we weeded and mulched and planted so many little plants for like 4 hours. by the end of the day no one had a smile on their face, not out of anger but out of exhaustion.

after all the work we had a putting contest, i was right on. woohoo! but i didn't make it in the hole, i was in line for second place. i bet your proud, dad!

friday night was great! we went to the pub for the first time. try to imagine an irish bar sort of over in europe. that's what it reminded me of. lots of colorful people. expensive drinks! and i had a couple shots that tasted like a b52. so that was yummy. there was also a little music act in the corner, which was AWESOME. the music scene here is great. i think i keep saying that but it really is. me and sunshine ended up splitting the cost of the CD. so i'm excited.

yesterday (saturday) we woke up and had a lazy morning, then we went to waranmbol for some shopping. the mall there was probably a 1/4 of the size of chesterfield mall. but that's okay. i got some cool slipper boots. then we went to the downtown area which was lined up and down and across with so many shops. it was neat, nothing like i've ever been to. i didn't spend any money there though, i'm waiting until i get to sydney and what not to get my souvenirs, cause i'm sure not many people know what port fairy is over in the states. ha.

after we came back from shopping, i took a long nap. woke up and got ready for the concert. basically the concert was trying to save the community by keeping it's old building/church (st. brigid) alive, it's up for sale by "the big guys" and the community doesn't want to suffer from it, they were telling of so many memories and family stories based around the church and it was really sad. but i think the concert was definitely successful.

the music acts were all wonderful! there wasn't one i didn't enjoy. a lot of harmonica, mandolin, acoustic guitar, violin. it was awesome. a couple aboriginees played too and told of their stories which was a bit emotional i think but neat to hear nonetheless and to be in their presence and see what they've gone through is unbelievable.

after the concert we took the bus back and hung out here for awhile then headed off to bed. i had a great night.

today i think we're going on this thing called the great ocean drive and seeing all these different attractions that seem to be really neat. so i'm excited for that, not really for being in the car that long but oh well.

i can't believe we only have a week left here, i can't even fathom the next three weeks after that, it's going to be so much fun!

okay well i'm off to make some breakfast! much love to you all. and as a musician said last night..."i wish you all peace, comfort, and happiness" not much of an original quote but i liked it of course. <3

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