Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ello Mate!

So our first night in Cairns was the last time I updated my blog. That night our whole group, all 41 of us, went out to a couple bars here. Apparently this place is a big party place so it was pretty crazy. I was feeling sick before we went out but i decided to get through it and just go out with everyone. So we all went out and had a good time. We went to the bar at our hostel at the end of the night and I got on stage and started dancing with this rapper guy. Mk and schaller joined me :) it was funny. Then i went back to the room cause i was feeling really sick. I ended up having a few liquid laughs throughout the night, i think i got the stomach flu or something. So the next morning I got to sleep in and passed on going to the aboriginal presentation thing which was kind of a bummer but i did get to sleep in for once.

That day we went to this thing called "the reef teach" and they taught us about all the different corals and fish to get us ready for the next day of snorkeling and scuba diving. i didn't do much the rest of the day...did some shopping, me schaller and Mk went to dinner and pigged out. australia has made me fat.

Snorkel day....
So i opted to go on this 2 day one night snorkel/dive boat while the others who didn't went on just a one day thing. I was trying to get on the one tday thing because i wasn't too keen on spending all that time on the boat but i ended up sticking on the 2 day one night. there was only a few others from my group. so before i went out on the boat i was freaking out, first i'm scared of the ocean, second people were saying how there were sharks out.

so once i'm on the taxi boat that takes us to the boat we sleep on and dive off of i start settling down. once we got to the boat (called the kangaroo explorer) we ate lunch then got a brief before going out into the water. I went on my first snorkel and it was AMAZING. the great barrier reef is so beautiful. i saw a shark!!! i didn't freak out either. it was great. it was a little guy. so cute actually. :) after my first snorkel i went to the top deck and ended up falling asleep...they woke me up to talk before the second snorkel and told us we could go i decided to go finish my nap in my cabin. however....i ended up sleeping for FOUR hours and missed my second snorkel! and i was thinking of doing a night scuba dive with an instructor that you had to pay extra i missed out on that but i wasn't bumming or anything because i was just enjoying the relaxing time on the boat. so i had dinner and chilled on top of the boat by myself. it was actually amazing. the sky and moon were so pretty against the water and it was the first time i was alone in so long. around 11 the boat went back to cairns for reloading and refueling and i just randomly decided to jump off. they usually don't come back to cairns so when i heard they were i was like, well that'd be a good time to jump off so i can enjoy my day tomorrow since if i stayed i wouldn't get back until 5 the next night.

i walked the whole way back to the hostel w/ my hair a mess, my leg pants all rolled up, and my backpack. i felt like a vagabond. i showed up at my room and everyone was back from the bars and were completely weirded out i had just showed up in the middle of the night when i wasn't expected back for another day and they thought i was in the middle of the ocean like 4 hours away. it was funny.

today schaller had made a reservation for bungee jumping. so me and MK decided to go watch her. it was a really neat place it was in the middle of the rainforest and there was a little lake they bobbed into when jumping with a waterfall. me and MK decided play a game of pool in the cafe after her first jump while we were waiting around and we saw two girls going on this bungee swing. and i was like that would be so fun, i wonder how much that is. and MK was like we should do it. and i agreed impulsively. it was kind of weird since i'm afraid of heights, i've never even considered doing anything like it. we decided if it was under 50 we'd do it. so we went and asked and they said 69. we came back and finished our game and MK made a deal that if she made the next shot (which was an impossible shot) that we would do it. she ended up making we ran over and gave them the money and signed our lives away before we'd change our mind.

we walked over and got strapped in...and mind you this all happened w/ in 10 we're strapped in and moving up we're both saying "what in the world are we doing, like what the h*** are we thinking?" it takes us higher and higher and higher... i can see all of cairns and the mountains and the ocean and i'm freaking out, almost in tears. not realizing i'd be going up this high when i was paying for it. MK had to pull the string at the top. before we went up there he had told us to wait til the light in front of us went from red to green...neither of us paid attention to it when we got to the top cause we were freaking out...i just yelled pull it! pull it! pull it now! pull it! and she's giong NO NO NO NO. hahaha, gosh it was so funny. she pulled it and we went FLYINGGGG at 100KPH through the jungle. it was insane. imagine the dragon swing at six flags but like...times 10. (sorry mom) at the end we were hanging there, and i said...we're going again. and MK was like what? and i go it's 20 dollars for the second swing...we're going. and she was like the guy all of a sudden starts lifting us up...i thought we'd get a break in between but i guess we lift back up there and were both freaking again and i tell MK she has to pull the string again. when we are up there she starts messing with me and won't tell me when she's pulling it...and all of a sudden i just feel my stomach in my throat and i'm flying through the air again. it was the best feeling in the world. i loved it...

so that's that. after we got back we went to a disgusting mexican restaurant...i completely regret that decision. then i went shopping and i got MORE souveniers...i need to stop! i think tonight i'm going to get some packing and laundry done so i dont have to to tomorrow night. it's our last night pretty much :( i'm so sad.

tomorrow is my birthday here! and we're going whitewater rafting. i hope i don't die!

that is all for now. love youuuu

Sunday, July 5, 2009

lie in our graves.

hello again. it's been forever. almost a week, yeah? seems like forever between now and then. funny to think how the time gets away.

So as most of you know, I'm done with the work part of the trip, which saddens me greatly. It has been my favorite part thus far. We've been moving around and seeing different parts of the east coast and learning tons and tons about Australia and its's actually REALLY fascinating. I'm obsessed with learning about the aboriginals here, such a neat thing. We also get to do some cool things along the way which i'll get to nowish.

Let's see...last Monday morning we arrived in Byron Bay. It is a surf town with lots of hippies and surfers, it's wonderful. It has one main street and our hostel was pretty cool, right on the beach. We got there Monday morning and I did a bit of walking around and got some lunch and took a nap on the beach. Then some of us went to a 2 hour surf lesson. We walked to the surf school, which this guy runs out of his house, and we all had to put on wet suits and take a drive down to the beach. I've never worn a wet suit before, it was a bit tight, and everyone was laughing at each other. Except everyone kept saying I pulled off the surfer look, I doubt that highly. So they taught us how to catch a wave while still laying with our tummy on the board, that wasn't too difficult, especially since they would give us a nice push before. The hardest part was paddling with your arms, and since i'm in the worst shape of my life i'm finding, I was having a tough time at first. But my body got used to it, after that they taught us how to stand so we got the last hour and a half to try getting up on the waves. I got the living crap beat out of me out there, as did everyone else, but it was a riot. SO MUCH FUN. I got up a few times. It was crazy. You may ask "well wasn't the water freezing because of it being winter", but I find here I don't notice the temperature of water or anything when i'm in the ocean on this side of the world. I'm just thinking about my keeping myself alive the next minute.

That night the guy who owns the surf school out of his house had a bbq for us all, 41 people stuffed into his backyard, but it was SO good. After that we walked back to the hostel and had a few drinks at the bar there. I didn't actually, I was exhausted and went to bed. As I seem to do a lot here :)

The next day was a free day. I live for the free days on this trip since we're constantly on the go. That day I went shopping. Spent lots and lots of money on souvenirs :) i'm so excited! Then I went ZORBING. I"m sure none of you know what that is but it's where you get in a huge rubber ball (imagine what you would put a hampster in) and you get strapped in and roll down a huge hill. It was hillarious. Yet very dodgey (sketchy in Australian slang). The guy drove us out to this cow pasture, no joke. He actually almost hit a cow while going only 4 miles an hour. We were a bit confused. Then we see this huge ball sitting at the top of this hill and these broken off seats that used to be on legs of a chair but they were just placed in the grass. So we sit down and watch as each one of us get pushed in this ball down the hill. It was a hillarious site. Especially since when you stop at the bottom, youre laying helplessly in the ball until the guy drives down to pick the ball up to bring it back to the top. So strange but fun nonetheless. That night there was a trivia night at the bar, so we took part in that. I thought we did pretty good but we ended up not winning, but another group from our ISV trip go them :)

Wednesday we left for Fraser Island. The biggest sand island in the world. EVERYTHING is sand. They drive on the beach. It's craziness. It only has 54 permanent residents. It was awesome. We weren't allowed to swim in the ocean because it's a huge breeding place for tons of marine life, sharks especially. So no one goes in the ocean. We got there that evening and settled in to our rooms and the bar was right next to where our condos were conveniently so a bunch of us went there to watch a pool tournament. The next day was one of my favorites. We had a tour guide while on fraser so he took us around the beach. We first stopped off at what is called the Ocean Pools. Where there are rocks that form pools from where the ocean waves go over the rocks. It was really really neat, so we swam there and got to eat lunch. That day we also went to this place called Indian Head. We walked up this huge, huge cliff and got to sit up there for a couple of hours looking over the ocean, it was the prettiest site i've ever witnessed I decided. We also saw whales belly flopping and playing for about an hour. Saw a couple sting rays as well. No sharks though. I went off on my own and layed down over the cliff. It was a good time to take to myself. Sittin on top of the world with my legs hanging free. For those of you who don't know, my grandma died. So i'm having kind of a hard time keeping a smile in front of everyone 24/7 here because I hate the fact that i'm not home right now. So trying to balance making the most here and thinking about things back home is hard. (Keep my family in your prayers, espeically my dad...)

After that we walked back to the bus and on the way down we saw the biggest pool of was crazy, i've never seen anything like that. It was amazing. We then went to this place called Eli creek. Anotherplace to swim on the island which is nice because you can't swim in the ocean. It was so beautiful. IT was a little creek through a part of some rainforest (they have subrainforests on fraser). You could just float through, it was like a movie. After that they took us to these huge sand dunes. We walked about 200 meters up the steepest hill ever (made of sand so it was a thousand times harder) then we all just sprinted down. It was so fun/funny. I can't wait to put up pictures of that. My legs are still hurting from it.

That night we had a costume party, you had to think of costumes that started with the words I S or V. Me and MK were sleepy, and wore our PJs haha. A couple of girls were vegemite and they spread it all over their bodies and stuck crackers to it and the labels as well. Gross but hillarious. It was pretty funny.

The next day before we left Fraser we went to a lake on the island that started with a G i forget the name, but it was green and beautiful. It was at the bottom of a huge sanddune so of course we all sprinted down and dove in. After that we took a walk back to the bus and headed over to this rainforest. Definitely my favorite part so far. The most beautiful thing EVER. I can't even describe it. I got sort of scolded by everyone because me and MK hung back and decided to go swinging on vines and walking on huge logs and we took so long and held up the group but I couldn't help it...and i was just like "Guys, i'm in a rainforest...c'mon now" seriously though. It was great Haha there was a creek going through the whole forest with some of the freshest water in the world, walking through the water...coming up through my toes to my ankles to my head to my soul. :) name that song..i can't get enough of it right now. Um, after that...this is crazy...we went to this lake with a very low ph level and sand that is so fine and white. They took us there to bathe because we wouldn't get to shower for another day due to travel and time schedules and stuff. So the water was so so so clean, we washed our hair and teeth with this sand and it was like a super condition with this stuff. It was crazy how great it felt. I felt so cleansed afterwards. It makes me laugh thinking that I bathed in a lake like that but whatever it was great.

So we had a 15 hour bus ride and arrived in Arlee bEach yesterday morning. We ate some breakie and headed out to go ocean rafting. What it was, was this speed boat that they did all these twists and turns with and going over huge waves, you had to hold on for dear life. We went around to some of the whitsunday islands. We also went to an aboriginal cave which was really neat. After that they took us to do about an hour of snorkeling on a part of the great barrier reef. It was so pretty. Kind of scary cause i have some sort of fear of underwater things, even at the lake, but it was neat. I scratched my leg on the reef, So tht kind of hurts when I get in the water, stings. I hope it scars so I can look at it forever :). Then we got to lay on a beach for three hours and eat an amazing lunch. We were on the whitest sand in the world. It was so neat.

Last night we chilled out and I went to bed early cause i was exhausted. Today we drove to Cairns, just got here about an hour ago. This week we're going snorkeling/scuba diving, tomorrow we're going to an aboriginal thing and get to learn how to throw boomerangs and on my birthday (thursday) we're going white water rafting which is what i've been looking most forward to on this trip. so should be a good week.

everything is going really well other than what we've been doing. I've met some really cool people. I'm a bit homesick but it's easy to get off my mind with everything going on. I love the australian culture so much. We get to do everything barefoot, being barefoot is completely acceptable here..I LOVE IT. I have a couple of bruises though, nothing to complain about though. It's going to be bittersweet leaving here. :( well i need to go get ready for dinner. Much love to you all and i hope you are all okay, okay, okay.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm alive.

So yesterday was a day to go down in history for me. I went rappelling down some cliffs in the Blue Mountains. If you don't know, I am DEATHLY afraid of heights. I hate going to the top of Busch Stadium. I can't watch the game cause you have to look down and I become so fearful of falling. Anyways, it was such a high. I chickened out on the last big one, but that's typical. I'm just glad I did the third one.

We had a 13 hour bus ride with a stop every 2 hours. I slept the ENTIRE time. Tylenol PM is my best friend on these long bus rides. But Trys woke us up as we were entering Byron Bay (where we'll be the next two days) and told us to the look to the right out into the beautiful ocean...where there were 10 WHALES! It's a dream here. Our hostel is gorgeous, ISV is really being good to us for booking our stays at the world's best hostel. I have a surfing lesson at 2. I'm sort of nervous but so excited. Wednesay we are goin to Frasier Island where we will have nothing. No phone, internet, stores, nothing. So if I don't update for a long time...that is why. I just wanted to say hello! i'm off to go find some breakfast. Much love!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


So I left off Wednesday night. Thursday morning with the kids was very successful, we've been working in the same paddock for awhile now and it's pretty much covered with trees we've planted. It's really neat. After that, we headed over to Tower Hill to have lunch. We saw koalas in the tree. they are sooo cute, they have the cutest little butts and they just snuggle up in a tree. I want to hold one so bad. We had a bit of a debrief and talk about our project. We ended up planting around 14,000 trees, which i later found out is the most out of all the other ISV groups that were doing project the same time as us in surrounding communities.

Thursday night we went to a restaurant called Ramella's in Port Fairy with everyone, Barry, Rachel, Ben and Helen (from Rosi) and Jodi. It was very good. That night we all just hung around the hostel and shared some wine and packed a bit.

Yesterday was CRAZINESS and one of the weirdest days of my life. Probably because I woke up to the words "Michael Jackson is dead." My response...he died years ago. We packed up and headed to the Melbourne airport at 9 am. Saying bye to Barry was super sad. His departing words to us were "Be safe, if you can't be safe, be careful. If you can't be careful, name it after me." I'm already planning on naming my next pet Barry, so he's covered there.

Friday was start off I woke up to "Michael Jackson died." We all loaded up in Rita (our van) and headed to the Melbourne airport, our last time with Barry. It was really sad saying bye to him. When we said bye at the airport his departing words were, "Be safe, if you can't be safe, be careful, if you can't be careful, name it after me." Good way to leave it Bar. The flight to Sydney was short and sweet (no literally, they handed out a great little cake on the plane).

Our hostel is incredible. It's rated the number one in the entire world, there's a dance club/bar underneath but we'll get to that in a few. Me Schaller and MK headed out for something to eat in Sydney and all of a sudden we all had a panic attack, it is quite crazy here. I say new york on acid. And I honestly feel like i'm in China instead of Sydney. So many people of the orient. But we're somewhat adapted now, thankfully. We were walking around trying to find a place to eat and we walked into this pizza place where it was semi-empty cause we were overwhelmed with all the people, and i'm in my oblivious state of mind of course looking at which chicken would taste most american and I hear Schaller and MK going "'s go" and I look at them and I see these 3 HUGE metal things holding all this raw meat and it's just rotating. I became a vegetarian for about 10 minutes. I was like "this is not okay" and ran out. We finally found a little place by our hostel and sat and had a chicken sandwich and a beer to calm ourselves wishing we had Barry there to tell us what to do.

We came back to the hostel and got ready and headed downstairs to the bar. Started out to be pretty fun, Jeremy and others came down and we were grooving...then the shots started coming and then we moved to the dance floor. Me, Jon, Sunshine, MK,Schaller, and Jeriam (Mariam and Jeremy ... i'm obsessed with them) all danced for like 2 hours in a circle together. It's the most fun i've had in so long. SO fun. Definitely paid the consequences of the fun this morning.

This morning we had our orientation with our guys, he's 26 and a good looking aussie. his name is trys and he seems pretty cool. our orientation was just talking about the next two weeks which got me SO excited.

Today we just walked to the darling harbor and had some lunch. I messed with the birds, it was great. The ones that are in finding nemo were there and they would hover over anyone eating at the harbor, so after i was finished with my food i started feeding them and they literally attacked me. I made schaller really really mad because she hates birds. all the locals were staring at me like i was so dumb, which i am but I just love messing with birds.

So after our walk around I went to a couple shops downtown, I bought a pair of jeans for 3 dollars. And they fit SO good.crazy right?

We met up with all the ISV groups tonight and went on a sunset cruise, it was so beautiful. It took us under the Sydney bridge and by the Opera House. It was great. Now we are chilling at the hostel, we have to get up so early tomorrow, driving to the blue mountains to go rappelling and then we drive to byron bay and we learn to surf on monday!!! i can't wait. it's gonna be a long bus ride. But i'm out of here, i think i may go grab a hotdog from the 711 down the street.

Oh I almost mom: I found a bigmac. It was the best Bigmac of my life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So Sunday was AMAZING. The prettiest place i've seen thus far. We went on the Great Ocean is the link to the website, try to see some pictures if you can

It took all day but it was worth it. We saw some great beaches and different cliffs and rocks and then of course the 12 apostles, which there is only 8 now. It was just amazing. We all took lots of great pictures, which I will try to put up pictures when I get them on a CD buttt....I just found out that my computer charger is dunzo so i'm unable to turn it on. Once I get to Sydney i'll try to find one so I can get my pics up ASAP!

We went into a town called Timboone and I found this really neat shop where i got some souveneirs for some people. I'm excited, I keep finding some cool things. Then after that we went to a pub a little bit passed the town we were in and on our way back to Port Fairy. We met some nice people in there and a couple guys were sweet on Schaller and MK, they tried working up courage to get some contact information but they failed. haha.

Sunday night we drank Absinth. Which was pretty interesting. A bit overrated in my opinion though. Barry thought we were crazy, he came in and started laughing at us then walked outside. Then he came back in about 10 minutes later to tell us those 2 boys that were sweet on Schaller and MK had made the 1 hour trek to port fairy to "The Stub" (a pub in town) and wanted to come to the youth hostel and hang out. Well that is completely forbidden under ISV rules so of course they made that trek for nothing. Creepy boys. We thought that was a bit weird.

Monday we hung out with more school kids and got lots of planting done, woohoo.

Tuesday we went to Yambuk where there are wind mill farms and lots of sheep and cows and planted with the Green Corps. They were pretty cool. It was a long day. Monday and Tuesday nights we've been having some interesting discussions about land ethics and animal rights and what not. Barry likes to make us think and he does a good job, though it can get a bit frustrating when you ask him a question and he answers with another question.

Today we had more school kids, I saw the prettiest 11 year old girl ever. She was so cute. We had about a 2 hourlunch break on accident but I got all my journal writing done that we have to turn in tonight. And I played with some birds. So that was fun haha.

I'm in the middle of cooking dinner with sunshine and barry. I just about chopped my finger off while chopping up some carrots. Barry had a heart attack and said in his australian accent "Oh here's my friend lauren, she has 9 fingers!" it was funny.

Tomorrow in the morning we have another group of kids, until about noon, then we to go that place where we saw the roos and koalas the first day we had the bbq to have some lunch tomorrow then we have the afternoon off and everyone from ISV is going out to eat tomorrow night, on ISV.

Friday morning we're off to sydney and we're there til about monday! I can't wait. Then we go to the blue mountans to go rapelling and stuff. But ill blog about that when i experience it.

i better get back to cooking, i'm leaving the boys hanging! much love!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

save st. brigids!

So. Thursday night, after i blogged, we played some drinking games with barry in the dining area. It was quite hillarious. Whenever telling him about drinking games in the states he always tells us how in Australia they take drinking seriously and there are no drinking games here. Well we taught him circle of death and he loved it. And he killed us in it. I ended up having a liquid laugh. Schaller got a little woozy drunky. and Barry is just a tank. So we had a great time with him that night. he makes us laugh so much.

Friday was my least favorite day unfortunately. We went to the golf course, in the morning we planted trees on the side of the road by there for the OBPs and stuff which was fine. Then we had the best morning tea. there was hashbrowns, garlic chicken, and other chicken, and some fish. It was delicious. After morning tea we finished planting and then went up to another part of the golf course and started pulling weeds. that was the start of the downfall haha. i think everyone was really tired and crabby since it was friday and we just wanted a weekend break, and the things that we were doing the second half the day weren't really for the OBPs but more for rehabilitating the golf course, because it thrives off of volunteers. so we weeded and mulched and planted so many little plants for like 4 hours. by the end of the day no one had a smile on their face, not out of anger but out of exhaustion.

after all the work we had a putting contest, i was right on. woohoo! but i didn't make it in the hole, i was in line for second place. i bet your proud, dad!

friday night was great! we went to the pub for the first time. try to imagine an irish bar sort of over in europe. that's what it reminded me of. lots of colorful people. expensive drinks! and i had a couple shots that tasted like a b52. so that was yummy. there was also a little music act in the corner, which was AWESOME. the music scene here is great. i think i keep saying that but it really is. me and sunshine ended up splitting the cost of the CD. so i'm excited.

yesterday (saturday) we woke up and had a lazy morning, then we went to waranmbol for some shopping. the mall there was probably a 1/4 of the size of chesterfield mall. but that's okay. i got some cool slipper boots. then we went to the downtown area which was lined up and down and across with so many shops. it was neat, nothing like i've ever been to. i didn't spend any money there though, i'm waiting until i get to sydney and what not to get my souvenirs, cause i'm sure not many people know what port fairy is over in the states. ha.

after we came back from shopping, i took a long nap. woke up and got ready for the concert. basically the concert was trying to save the community by keeping it's old building/church (st. brigid) alive, it's up for sale by "the big guys" and the community doesn't want to suffer from it, they were telling of so many memories and family stories based around the church and it was really sad. but i think the concert was definitely successful.

the music acts were all wonderful! there wasn't one i didn't enjoy. a lot of harmonica, mandolin, acoustic guitar, violin. it was awesome. a couple aboriginees played too and told of their stories which was a bit emotional i think but neat to hear nonetheless and to be in their presence and see what they've gone through is unbelievable.

after the concert we took the bus back and hung out here for awhile then headed off to bed. i had a great night.

today i think we're going on this thing called the great ocean drive and seeing all these different attractions that seem to be really neat. so i'm excited for that, not really for being in the car that long but oh well.

i can't believe we only have a week left here, i can't even fathom the next three weeks after that, it's going to be so much fun!

okay well i'm off to make some breakfast! much love to you all. and as a musician said last night..."i wish you all peace, comfort, and happiness" not much of an original quote but i liked it of course. <3

Thursday, June 18, 2009

jodie's such a slut

Hello all :) I left off saying I was going seed collecting (again please don't mind the typos, this keyboard is a bit different).

Seed collecting day was wonderful. We went looking for bidgee widgees. and other plants i forgot the name of. :) it was very relaxing. we spent most of the day at this park called Yambuk. if you can, google it. It was so amazingly beautiful. There was a huge slide that went down a sand dune and steps that led up to it and even higher so you could see over the lake and into the ocean.

we had lots of fun racing up the sand dunes and making fun of the women in charge of us that day. her name was jodie, and we didn't like her. haha. but thats okay, it made for a good laugh. (see title of blog)

after the park, we went to this road and jodie got all serious and mad and was like you guys must listen. we were by a swamp so she was yelling for us to stay in a certain place so we wouldn't fall into the swamp drop off but not to step too far back because there was an electrical fence right behind us. cool jodie. also to our left there was a field of water buffalo, and when barry saw them he started saying all sorts of curse words so i was a bit, death trap much? but here i am. alive. but not liking jodie.

Yesterday we went back to Rosie. It was an awesome day. we had a wonderful morning planting trees and cleaning up a bit. Then we had some delicious morning tea, with sunshine (a boy here that we call him that because he looksl ike sunshine from remember the titans, btu really hsi name is nick) and racheal (the header of the project) were playnig the guitar and eukelele. after that we planted a bit more. and then ben and helen (the couple that owns the cottage and land) made us a beautiful barbeque. it was delicious. we had sausage/hot dogs, veggie burgers, and some good chicken. also lots of veggies.

after lunch we went on about a 4 mile hike looking for orange bellied parots. but we did not succeed. we did see a fox and another endangered bird though that OBPs out with. and the hike was right by a beautiful lake. on the ocean. everywhere here is so visually pleasing it's unbelievable.

last night i cooked some chicken pasta with sunshine and barry. then after dinner we sat for hours and talked with barry and a few others just about life. great night.

today we worked with the SCHOOL KIDS! my favorite day thus far. they were so freaking funny. they curse more than i do when i'm drunk or mad. and they are very mature for their age. but cursing for them is appropriate here. so whatever. we planted some trees on the otherside of the locke that is across from ben and helen's and then we had morning tea. after that barry took us to the beach to have lunch and then we had a relaxing afternoon and got off early.

when we got back to port fairy, we went to "The Hub" which is a little diner or something here. i really wanted to sit and have a coke so we did that. It was nice. now im sitting here chillin with my glass of wine, blogging, and what not. i'm almost out of wine, i only have a half of glass left so i may run to the store now.

This weekend....tomorrow we're going to the pub after work, saturday we may go see an australian football match and then saturday night wer'e going to a concert!! i'm super excited for that. then sunday we're giong on a drive to see the 12 apostles. WOO so much typing

almost time for dinner so i'm out! i'll update again soon. much love