Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm alive.

So yesterday was a day to go down in history for me. I went rappelling down some cliffs in the Blue Mountains. If you don't know, I am DEATHLY afraid of heights. I hate going to the top of Busch Stadium. I can't watch the game cause you have to look down and I become so fearful of falling. Anyways, it was such a high. I chickened out on the last big one, but that's typical. I'm just glad I did the third one.

We had a 13 hour bus ride with a stop every 2 hours. I slept the ENTIRE time. Tylenol PM is my best friend on these long bus rides. But Trys woke us up as we were entering Byron Bay (where we'll be the next two days) and told us to the look to the right out into the beautiful ocean...where there were 10 WHALES! It's a dream here. Our hostel is gorgeous, ISV is really being good to us for booking our stays at the world's best hostel. I have a surfing lesson at 2. I'm sort of nervous but so excited. Wednesay we are goin to Frasier Island where we will have nothing. No phone, internet, stores, nothing. So if I don't update for a long time...that is why. I just wanted to say hello! i'm off to go find some breakfast. Much love!

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