Saturday, June 27, 2009


So I left off Wednesday night. Thursday morning with the kids was very successful, we've been working in the same paddock for awhile now and it's pretty much covered with trees we've planted. It's really neat. After that, we headed over to Tower Hill to have lunch. We saw koalas in the tree. they are sooo cute, they have the cutest little butts and they just snuggle up in a tree. I want to hold one so bad. We had a bit of a debrief and talk about our project. We ended up planting around 14,000 trees, which i later found out is the most out of all the other ISV groups that were doing project the same time as us in surrounding communities.

Thursday night we went to a restaurant called Ramella's in Port Fairy with everyone, Barry, Rachel, Ben and Helen (from Rosi) and Jodi. It was very good. That night we all just hung around the hostel and shared some wine and packed a bit.

Yesterday was CRAZINESS and one of the weirdest days of my life. Probably because I woke up to the words "Michael Jackson is dead." My response...he died years ago. We packed up and headed to the Melbourne airport at 9 am. Saying bye to Barry was super sad. His departing words to us were "Be safe, if you can't be safe, be careful. If you can't be careful, name it after me." I'm already planning on naming my next pet Barry, so he's covered there.

Friday was start off I woke up to "Michael Jackson died." We all loaded up in Rita (our van) and headed to the Melbourne airport, our last time with Barry. It was really sad saying bye to him. When we said bye at the airport his departing words were, "Be safe, if you can't be safe, be careful, if you can't be careful, name it after me." Good way to leave it Bar. The flight to Sydney was short and sweet (no literally, they handed out a great little cake on the plane).

Our hostel is incredible. It's rated the number one in the entire world, there's a dance club/bar underneath but we'll get to that in a few. Me Schaller and MK headed out for something to eat in Sydney and all of a sudden we all had a panic attack, it is quite crazy here. I say new york on acid. And I honestly feel like i'm in China instead of Sydney. So many people of the orient. But we're somewhat adapted now, thankfully. We were walking around trying to find a place to eat and we walked into this pizza place where it was semi-empty cause we were overwhelmed with all the people, and i'm in my oblivious state of mind of course looking at which chicken would taste most american and I hear Schaller and MK going "'s go" and I look at them and I see these 3 HUGE metal things holding all this raw meat and it's just rotating. I became a vegetarian for about 10 minutes. I was like "this is not okay" and ran out. We finally found a little place by our hostel and sat and had a chicken sandwich and a beer to calm ourselves wishing we had Barry there to tell us what to do.

We came back to the hostel and got ready and headed downstairs to the bar. Started out to be pretty fun, Jeremy and others came down and we were grooving...then the shots started coming and then we moved to the dance floor. Me, Jon, Sunshine, MK,Schaller, and Jeriam (Mariam and Jeremy ... i'm obsessed with them) all danced for like 2 hours in a circle together. It's the most fun i've had in so long. SO fun. Definitely paid the consequences of the fun this morning.

This morning we had our orientation with our guys, he's 26 and a good looking aussie. his name is trys and he seems pretty cool. our orientation was just talking about the next two weeks which got me SO excited.

Today we just walked to the darling harbor and had some lunch. I messed with the birds, it was great. The ones that are in finding nemo were there and they would hover over anyone eating at the harbor, so after i was finished with my food i started feeding them and they literally attacked me. I made schaller really really mad because she hates birds. all the locals were staring at me like i was so dumb, which i am but I just love messing with birds.

So after our walk around I went to a couple shops downtown, I bought a pair of jeans for 3 dollars. And they fit SO good.crazy right?

We met up with all the ISV groups tonight and went on a sunset cruise, it was so beautiful. It took us under the Sydney bridge and by the Opera House. It was great. Now we are chilling at the hostel, we have to get up so early tomorrow, driving to the blue mountains to go rappelling and then we drive to byron bay and we learn to surf on monday!!! i can't wait. it's gonna be a long bus ride. But i'm out of here, i think i may go grab a hotdog from the 711 down the street.

Oh I almost mom: I found a bigmac. It was the best Bigmac of my life.

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