Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So Sunday was AMAZING. The prettiest place i've seen thus far. We went on the Great Ocean is the link to the website, try to see some pictures if you can

It took all day but it was worth it. We saw some great beaches and different cliffs and rocks and then of course the 12 apostles, which there is only 8 now. It was just amazing. We all took lots of great pictures, which I will try to put up pictures when I get them on a CD buttt....I just found out that my computer charger is dunzo so i'm unable to turn it on. Once I get to Sydney i'll try to find one so I can get my pics up ASAP!

We went into a town called Timboone and I found this really neat shop where i got some souveneirs for some people. I'm excited, I keep finding some cool things. Then after that we went to a pub a little bit passed the town we were in and on our way back to Port Fairy. We met some nice people in there and a couple guys were sweet on Schaller and MK, they tried working up courage to get some contact information but they failed. haha.

Sunday night we drank Absinth. Which was pretty interesting. A bit overrated in my opinion though. Barry thought we were crazy, he came in and started laughing at us then walked outside. Then he came back in about 10 minutes later to tell us those 2 boys that were sweet on Schaller and MK had made the 1 hour trek to port fairy to "The Stub" (a pub in town) and wanted to come to the youth hostel and hang out. Well that is completely forbidden under ISV rules so of course they made that trek for nothing. Creepy boys. We thought that was a bit weird.

Monday we hung out with more school kids and got lots of planting done, woohoo.

Tuesday we went to Yambuk where there are wind mill farms and lots of sheep and cows and planted with the Green Corps. They were pretty cool. It was a long day. Monday and Tuesday nights we've been having some interesting discussions about land ethics and animal rights and what not. Barry likes to make us think and he does a good job, though it can get a bit frustrating when you ask him a question and he answers with another question.

Today we had more school kids, I saw the prettiest 11 year old girl ever. She was so cute. We had about a 2 hourlunch break on accident but I got all my journal writing done that we have to turn in tonight. And I played with some birds. So that was fun haha.

I'm in the middle of cooking dinner with sunshine and barry. I just about chopped my finger off while chopping up some carrots. Barry had a heart attack and said in his australian accent "Oh here's my friend lauren, she has 9 fingers!" it was funny.

Tomorrow in the morning we have another group of kids, until about noon, then we to go that place where we saw the roos and koalas the first day we had the bbq to have some lunch tomorrow then we have the afternoon off and everyone from ISV is going out to eat tomorrow night, on ISV.

Friday morning we're off to sydney and we're there til about monday! I can't wait. Then we go to the blue mountans to go rapelling and stuff. But ill blog about that when i experience it.

i better get back to cooking, i'm leaving the boys hanging! much love!!

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