Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swamp Scrub? Tim Boone.


So today has been full of laughter...but here we are sitting in LAX and have a couple more hours until our flight (p.s. weirdest aiport EVER...and we haven't seen Speidi...was really hoping for that, i think they're still fighting the devil to stay on that TV show)

Had a nice flight, first time in first class. Except I slept during the food deliveries. woops. When we arrived in LA we (me and schaller baller) were a bit confused when we were directed to the international terminals...because was just that...very international. Foreigners everywhere. Got me a bit flustered....there was no buffer zone of some americans and some mexicans. Nope-they just through us straight in with the philipines and china. Also, going around this dumb aiport you hit secluded, empty, and dark dead ends everywhere. it's creepy. However, everyone here is super nice and lovely.

We went to a sit down restaurant at the airport since we had 5 hours to kill and we met a couple girls from Canada who are on our flight and in ISV, but they're doing Swamp Scrub. What's Swamp Scrub? Tim Boone. Oh wait, don't know what that means? NEITHER DO WE. And i've never felt so dumb, especially since we sat down and they go "Oh thank god, someone who isn't 19 or guys are 21 right..." um, nope sorry eh! Someone check if swamp scrub is canadien for planting trees. Oh woops. The canadiens are standing in front of us as we type this.

So after a sufficiently awkward convo and a glance at the 20 dollar turkey sandwich menu, we booked it over to good 'ol mcdonalds. and for those of you who know me, you'll know this next thing was heartbreaking for me. --A CONDIMENT LIMIT. 1 sauce to a 6 piece chicken nugget. NO THANK YOU. three ketchup packets made for a very frugal eating lauren.

So after grubbing, we came up to our gate and now we're sitting next to two women in their elder years that are on our flight and who happen to be right from st. louis--chesterfield and pacific. and one of them taught at Eureka and knows all my teachers. what a small world.

Well, i guess i'll go. sorry this has nothing to do with anything, but i'm a bit loopy! Much love to you all.


  1. The Swamp Scrub vegetation community is usually dominated by Woolly Tea–tree Leptospermum lanigerum which occurs on frequently wet sites such as alluvial deposits beside streams, seepage and swamp areas. Other associated vegetation consists of Scented Paperbark Melaleuca squarrosa, Tall Saw-sedge Gahnia clarkeii, Blackwood Acacia melanoxylon and sedges.
    The Swamp Scrub vegetation community has severely declined in the total area it occupies across Australia.
    The current project assists in providing funding to landholders in the Corangamite catchment to protect and enhance remnant patches of Swamp Scrub (Woolly Tea-tree) on their properties.

  2. That condiment rule sucks! I can't believe you survived with that little ketchup! Gasp! Good to hear you're having an interesting trip thus far!
    p.s. no clue what Tim Boone means.