Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ello Mate!

So our first night in Cairns was the last time I updated my blog. That night our whole group, all 41 of us, went out to a couple bars here. Apparently this place is a big party place so it was pretty crazy. I was feeling sick before we went out but i decided to get through it and just go out with everyone. So we all went out and had a good time. We went to the bar at our hostel at the end of the night and I got on stage and started dancing with this rapper guy. Mk and schaller joined me :) it was funny. Then i went back to the room cause i was feeling really sick. I ended up having a few liquid laughs throughout the night, i think i got the stomach flu or something. So the next morning I got to sleep in and passed on going to the aboriginal presentation thing which was kind of a bummer but i did get to sleep in for once.

That day we went to this thing called "the reef teach" and they taught us about all the different corals and fish to get us ready for the next day of snorkeling and scuba diving. i didn't do much the rest of the day...did some shopping, me schaller and Mk went to dinner and pigged out. australia has made me fat.

Snorkel day....
So i opted to go on this 2 day one night snorkel/dive boat while the others who didn't went on just a one day thing. I was trying to get on the one tday thing because i wasn't too keen on spending all that time on the boat but i ended up sticking on the 2 day one night. there was only a few others from my group. so before i went out on the boat i was freaking out, first i'm scared of the ocean, second people were saying how there were sharks out.

so once i'm on the taxi boat that takes us to the boat we sleep on and dive off of i start settling down. once we got to the boat (called the kangaroo explorer) we ate lunch then got a brief before going out into the water. I went on my first snorkel and it was AMAZING. the great barrier reef is so beautiful. i saw a shark!!! i didn't freak out either. it was great. it was a little guy. so cute actually. :) after my first snorkel i went to the top deck and ended up falling asleep...they woke me up to talk before the second snorkel and told us we could go i decided to go finish my nap in my cabin. however....i ended up sleeping for FOUR hours and missed my second snorkel! and i was thinking of doing a night scuba dive with an instructor that you had to pay extra i missed out on that but i wasn't bumming or anything because i was just enjoying the relaxing time on the boat. so i had dinner and chilled on top of the boat by myself. it was actually amazing. the sky and moon were so pretty against the water and it was the first time i was alone in so long. around 11 the boat went back to cairns for reloading and refueling and i just randomly decided to jump off. they usually don't come back to cairns so when i heard they were i was like, well that'd be a good time to jump off so i can enjoy my day tomorrow since if i stayed i wouldn't get back until 5 the next night.

i walked the whole way back to the hostel w/ my hair a mess, my leg pants all rolled up, and my backpack. i felt like a vagabond. i showed up at my room and everyone was back from the bars and were completely weirded out i had just showed up in the middle of the night when i wasn't expected back for another day and they thought i was in the middle of the ocean like 4 hours away. it was funny.

today schaller had made a reservation for bungee jumping. so me and MK decided to go watch her. it was a really neat place it was in the middle of the rainforest and there was a little lake they bobbed into when jumping with a waterfall. me and MK decided play a game of pool in the cafe after her first jump while we were waiting around and we saw two girls going on this bungee swing. and i was like that would be so fun, i wonder how much that is. and MK was like we should do it. and i agreed impulsively. it was kind of weird since i'm afraid of heights, i've never even considered doing anything like it. we decided if it was under 50 we'd do it. so we went and asked and they said 69. we came back and finished our game and MK made a deal that if she made the next shot (which was an impossible shot) that we would do it. she ended up making we ran over and gave them the money and signed our lives away before we'd change our mind.

we walked over and got strapped in...and mind you this all happened w/ in 10 we're strapped in and moving up we're both saying "what in the world are we doing, like what the h*** are we thinking?" it takes us higher and higher and higher... i can see all of cairns and the mountains and the ocean and i'm freaking out, almost in tears. not realizing i'd be going up this high when i was paying for it. MK had to pull the string at the top. before we went up there he had told us to wait til the light in front of us went from red to green...neither of us paid attention to it when we got to the top cause we were freaking out...i just yelled pull it! pull it! pull it now! pull it! and she's giong NO NO NO NO. hahaha, gosh it was so funny. she pulled it and we went FLYINGGGG at 100KPH through the jungle. it was insane. imagine the dragon swing at six flags but like...times 10. (sorry mom) at the end we were hanging there, and i said...we're going again. and MK was like what? and i go it's 20 dollars for the second swing...we're going. and she was like the guy all of a sudden starts lifting us up...i thought we'd get a break in between but i guess we lift back up there and were both freaking again and i tell MK she has to pull the string again. when we are up there she starts messing with me and won't tell me when she's pulling it...and all of a sudden i just feel my stomach in my throat and i'm flying through the air again. it was the best feeling in the world. i loved it...

so that's that. after we got back we went to a disgusting mexican restaurant...i completely regret that decision. then i went shopping and i got MORE souveniers...i need to stop! i think tonight i'm going to get some packing and laundry done so i dont have to to tomorrow night. it's our last night pretty much :( i'm so sad.

tomorrow is my birthday here! and we're going whitewater rafting. i hope i don't die!

that is all for now. love youuuu

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